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★Mineral peeling by Wamiles (Wamiles Cosmetics, Inc.)
Required time: 60 minutes. Price $50
It is a peeling which is done along your skin generation cycle.
Because it is a mineral, it is reliable peeling for sensitive skin.
★Vitamin C derivative
It is an Ascorbic acid glycosides which controls the reactive oxygen species and demonstrates a beautiful skin effect.
Wamiles peeling plus vitamin c derivative
Required time: 70 minutes. Price $60
European facial plus vitamin c derivative
Required time: 70 minutes. Price $60
※They are popular services which can be applied to all kind of skin trouble.

Eye lash extension

Trial special offer "$100 for as much as you want" is now $65 for first time customer. It takes about 45 min to one hour.


Make your skin soft and smooth with our real permanent hair removal!
The only acknowledged permanent hair removal is a needle hair removal.
Why don’t you try it?
Price: $70/hour
Now we have the new model machine with 27Mhz high frequency. This machine reduces a pain as well as makes post skin care easier.

//Trial special//
Offer to first timer only.
You can choose from one item from two selections.
*Half price for new machine trial for 30 minutes.
*10% off from the regular price for the first 3 month!

Eyelash perm
$35 – Now $30

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